Team of Professionals with Expertise and Commitment !

We have an exclusive department for each functional area. Each department head is an experienced professional with superior skills in the particular field.

Our purchase managers in Red Chillies(Paprika), Groceries, Cotton, Dry Flowers departments having around 25 years of experience in related fields. Team Nakshath has young and dynamic middle management, who has industry specific educational background with Master degrees from most reputed foreign universities from UK.

On the whole, Team Nakshath is COMPLETE EEE Team (i.e Energetic, Enthusiastic and Experienced) which is appreciating by everyone includes Customers, Competitors and Vendors).

The Board of Directors includes:

Mr. SubbaRao Medasani

Mr. SubbaRao Medasani is the Managing Director of Nakshath Agri Commodities Pvt Ltd. He started his career in Manchester, UK in the year 2000. He worked there for 7 years in international trade environment. Later he started his own firm in India.

He is very young and dynamic and has over 10 years of International Trade experience in Agro commodities and expert in dealing with clients in China, Mexico, European Union, Middle east and Aftican countries, Due to his natural inclination towards agriculture, he associated as an agriculture entrepreneur and a member of many agriculture and technology associations worldwide.

His dream is to make Nakshath Agri Commodities as the most preferred Agro commodities company and to achieve
sustainable growth in line with the best companies in the industry while being responsible to eco friendly environment.


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